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Comments From Valued Clients


Olga Kotelko
‘I had been working with my co-author Roxanne Davies on a book about my life as a senior athlete when we hit a roadblock: we knew the book needed work, but we weren’t sure what to do next, so we contacted Michele and asked her to use her editing skills. Michele polished my story into a shiny and readable narrative that has brought the nine chapters to life. Thank you!’ —Olga Kotelko, author of Olga: The O.K. Way to a Healthy, Happy Life


Bob Sitter
‘For 10 years I have been thinking and talking about writing about the “dimensions and pay-offs” of hiking and climbing as an outdoor sport. After many discussions with fellow hikers and climbers, I had identified 8 separate areas which I thought would make 8 chapters in a “how to” mountaineering book. Then my wife Sue, and her novelist friend Michele Carter pushed me to look at the bigger picture: that is, the story of my early years; how my career led to being the CEO of a major B.C. forest products company; how I started to learn to be a mountaineer in my mid-50s and then climbed 41 summits in one year in my mid-60s; and how in my mid-70s I continue to hike and climb mountains year round.

‘Thus, the scope grew. Michele’s urging led me to believe my whole story is worth telling to a world of baby-boomers approaching retirement and wondering how retirement years can be exciting and fulfilling.

‘Michele has been invaluable from the inception onward. She made my book a possibility by encouraging me to start, then coached me throughout.’—Bob Sitter


Alan and Faye
‘I asked Michele to help me write a book about my childhood up to the time I married my husband. I wanted to let my children know about that time of my life. Michele suggested we include my husband’s childhood too, which we did. We spent several hours together. I talked and she typed. She scanned my favourite photos and included them in the book. She also researched the social history around the Depression and World War II, and even found information about my family that I didn’t know. Michele is a delight to work with and managed to get me to remember long forgotten details. The book took only three months to complete with Michele managing to have it done in time for Christmas. A wonderful gift for my family. My children and grandchildren told me they’re proud of me for doing this. I could never have done it by myself. Thank you, Michele.’—Faye Keevil