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Hi Everyone,

Are you working on a story that needs a professional edit?

Do you have a life story that you’d love to see published?

Maybe you want to write your life story just for your friends and family.

Have you been thinking about creating a lasting legacy of your memoirs for your children and their children?

Perhaps you’d like to see your story as an exciting addition to the marketplace.

I can help you attain your goal.



What can I offer?


Over 20 years writing and editing experience;

A Master of Arts Degree in English Literature;

Knowledge of what it takes to properly edit and publish your work;

The experience gained from writing 5 published books (3 fiction; 2 non-fiction);

My own publishing company;

A fabulous design team.


Have you been imagining beginning your story? Not sure where to start? Let me help you create that fantastic book. Not every moment in your life constitutes a story, but I can search through the significant events of your life and find the narrative hook that begins your exciting journey.

What will this entail?

 Finding a structure;

Editing and proofreading your prose, or

Ghostwriting the bulk of your story;

Providing proper design and layout;

Creating an attractive cover;

Taking you from a few ideas to a published book.


The entire process will take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on what stage you’re at in the construction of the book. You have always wanted to write a book. You know you have a story inside you. But you may not have the time nor the skills required to make it the best it can be. I can help you make it happen. If you’re interested in taking this first step toward an enriching and fun adventure, please contact me for a complete list of fees.

This is your time to finally see your dream become reality. 
We can do this together.

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