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Four Legs and a Tale

A Humorous Tale for Animal Lovers Aged 8 to 98.

A comical yet informative guidebook to coping with your companion animal.

Dogs, cats, and people need training, patience, and plenty of love when living together. This humorous tale will provide insight to would-be pet owners and bring smiles of recognition to those who already share their lives with furry friends.

Hilarious anecdotes,

Survival tips,

Creative solutions to domestic crises,

Invaluable rules for pets and people.

You’ll notice that the last name on the cover is different from my name. This is because when I went into hiding, I didn’t want my pets to find me. Actually, the real reason is I wanted to use a pen name to differentiate my humour from my serious writing. Pets will always locate you, especially if you hide under the bed or in a closet.

Read an excerpt from Four Legs and A Tale.

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Four Legs And A Tale